• Close up of Marilyn's painting titled 'Scaffold'
  • Close up of Marilyn's painting titled 'Marine World'
  • Close up of Marilyn's painting titled 'Safari'
  • Close up of Marilyn's painting titled 'Upside Dow'


  • Thomas and the Red-Tailed Hawk book cover - A spiritual journey

    Thomas and the Red-Tailed Hawk

    Thomas and the Red-Tailed Hawk is an inspiring story about an eleven-year-old orphan whose life’s journey takes him from the depths of despair and loneliness to the heights of self-awareness and inner peace.

    • Thomas climbs up a tree
    • A caterpilar turns into a butterfly
    • Thomas runs after a skateboarder
    • Thomas looks at the world with the red-tailed hawk from the top of a cliff
    $2.99 on Amazon.com


  • Upside Down
  • World On Fire
  • Beam Me Up
  • City Life
  • Scaffold
  • Marine World
  • Dream Vortex
  • Maze
  • Safari


Marilyn R. Geyer

Marilyn Geyer is a native of Southern California with roots in Norway, where she studied painting in her early years with Norwegian impressionist Johannes Kolbel. Later, while living in the Bay Area, she continued her study at California College of the Arts in Oakland.

"I am amazed by the mystery of life and its ongoing battle of conflicting elements and qualities. My paintings reflect the chaotic nature of our world. I use a bright, colorful palette that reveal the untamed beauty amidst the turmoil. I often add dimension to my canvases to portray a hidden, underlying meaning to life."

Her two grown children, Josh and Erin, love her very much and she is fortunate to be able to spend time with them very often.


Marilyn is available as a tutor, freelance illustrator and writer. Her artwork is also available for purchase.

If you are interested in contacting her about any of the above or anything else, please email her and she will respond right away.